Nailpolish, colors, things and thoughts from a Swede in Chicago

Beer after spinning?

Ok, so that very short summer we had here is now over. Back to wearing coats and jeans.. It’s May though, so I’m hoping we get to use the AC very soon again! I enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted, even if it was very sweaty at the gym yesterday. I went to spinning class, almost died, got home and then went to a bar to meet up with Conor. I’m always really hungry after I work out, so drinking beer right after was kind of weird. I got almost drunk after just two beers.. I feel fine today, though.

My nails started peeling this morning. And when that happens I pick on them and then I have to remove it all and paint them again. I decided to try something different this time. Since it’s not quite beach season yet, I can wait a little with the beautiful corals. So, I went with a baby blue polish I bought when I first moved to Chicago almost two years ago. It’s called 907 and it’s from Inglot. I love it, it’s such a sophisticated color and super easy to work with. And I decided to let my glossy top coats rest and used my matte one from Lancome. It actually looks really cool!

I’m also gonna show you which top coat and base coat I used. I switch it up pretty often with the base coats since I’m not in love with any of them yet.. Any recommendations?



And the last picture is of the beers me, Conor and our friend Kevin had. He lives in our neighborhood now! I love having friends nearby, spontaneous beer nights are the best!



Two days of summer

Great weather in Chicago right now, it’s been hot and summery for two days now. I know it won’t last, but since its May summer is not far away. Chicago tends to skip spring and go straight from winter to summer, I’m not complaining!
We decided to turn the AC on for the first time this year, since our place got really warm. I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, so we usually keep the AC on at night (and the heater off in winter). But, as a follow up to our heater being broken this winter, the AC didn’t start.. We called the “guy” and he was just here to fix the AC. Apparently the heater and AC won’t work at the same time, so we have to call him again when it gets cold again for him to fix the wires again.

My friend Isa who lives in Sao Paolo in Brazil is coming back to visit her boyfriend (who lives here in Chicago) this weekend! Last time she was in town she gave me some awesome nail polishes in the most amazing colors. I decided to wear one of them again, and WOW how gorgeous!! The formula is fantastic and super opaque. It doesn’t really have a name, so I can’t tell you. I’ll just post some pictures so you can see how gorgeous it is!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also have a twitter account now ( @nailsinchicago ) and an Instagram ( @theresass ) you should find me and add me!

I’m heading out later to go to the gym. Today is a SPINNING day! I plan on exhaust myself so that I might need to be carried home. Luckily my friend will drive me home, that’s almost like being carried home!



Running with gorgeous nails!

I am so proud of myself today! I woke up feeling kind of angry. All I wanted to do was to lay down on the floor eating chocolate and listen to podcasts. But if I’d done that I would be a very not charming monster when Conor comes home. So, I decided to go to the gym instead. I usually go to Tabata class with a friend on Mondays, but the class is at 5 and I knew I would’ve given up on this day by then.. So I strolled over to the Equinox location closer to our house and spent almost two hours on the treadmill! I am tired, but feel great right now!

The reason why I woke up in a bad mood is that I spent some nice time with my step mom this weekend. She was here for two days only. I’m always sad when my family leaves, I feel so empty! So the weird mood in the morning is just because I miss Sweden and my family. But they will be back in July, so it’s ok!

Oh, so. What nail polish did I wear this weekend? The very lovely In the Cab-Ana by Essie!! SO pretty, it’s gorgeous!! I love blue nail polish and especially this one! Everyone I met this weekend complimented me on my nails, which is always nice!



Orange, green, wedding and Seaside!

Finally a new post! I’ve been away from Chicago for a few days and it was lovely. We spent the weekend in Seaside Florida for my brother-in-laws wedding. The wedding was beyond beautiful and a lot of fun! Seaside is gorgeous, I really want to go back soon for more mimosas at the beach. I just loved it there, I also love spending time with family and friends in the sun.

Now we’re back in rainy Chicago.. I hope summer get’s here very soon, I feel like summer is over already after we got back from Florida. When we left to go to the airport there was a storm in Chicago, all over the mid west actually. So it took us ALL day (got up at 3.30 on Thursday) to get there, we didn’t land until 9 pm. The flight was horrible and scary, we could see the lightning flashes all around us. The vodka was on the house (Southwest) so it was all okay. The flight home was really scary too!! We weren’t allowed to land so we had to take off again and then circle up in the air for 20 min.. I was so scared!!

I’m just gonna go ahead and post some pictures! I wore Essie’s First Timer the weekend of the wedding and changed in to American Apparel’s Neon Orange when we got home. I’m also gonna post a picture of my awesome hairdo that a lovely girl did for me in Seaside!


Green, red and other things

I love green nail polish. It’s my favorite along with blue and pink. But now, my friend Isa from Brazil has brought me a bunch of polishes from there. Because of her, red might be a favorite now too!

I’m sorry for the long blog break, I’ve just forgotten to take pictures and I don’t want to blog without having any pictures to talk about!

I actually painted my nails in the middle of the night this weekend. I’m amazed that I didn’t paint my whole hand!!

Ok, so back to the pictures. The green one is Essies Mojito Madness (with and without flash) and the other ones are the Brazilian polishes.



Multicolored nails!

I got sick of the brown nails after one day. I’m just not the neutral type. So, while I’m talking to my friend Cecilie I painted my nails in five different colors! Chanel Mimosa, Essie OlĂ© Caliente, Where’s my chauffeur, Lovie Dovie, Fear or Desire!




I realized I never posted a swatch of the very lovely Chanel Peridot. I love it, but I was a little sloppy with the application, so it’s not perfect. I’ve used it three times since I got it!!