Memorial weekend

by theresaobarry

I haven’t blogged in a while, so now I kind of don’t know what to write about!

It’s memorial weekend now.. If it wasn’t so cold here we would’ve been outside to BBQ or read or whatever. But instead we are inside, reading and watching movies. Just saw Oz the great and powerful, it was ok. Kind of wish I’d seen it in 3D instead though..

We where in St Louis last weekend and I got back on Monday. As always, we had a great time with the family! We celebrated my husbands brothers wedding (which was in Florida a month ago) with around 130 people. It’s hard to talk to everyone when it’s that many people! I’m just happy to not be the bride this year, too much pressure! Haha!
Katharine was wearing her beautiful wedding dress and looked stunning!
We had our hair and makeup done that day, I love being pampered!
I’ve painted my nails three times since I last blogged!!! I’ve worn Essie’s Lovie Dovie, OPI’s Cajun Shrimp and now I’m wearing Essie’s First Timer. I’ve worn and written about all of them before, so it’s nothing exciting. I’ll be doing some fun nail stuff this week!

So sorry for such a sloppy blog post, more stuff will be posted this week 🙂

Ok, so the photos are: Red polish is Cajun Shrimp, one pic is of me and Conor in Florida and the last one is of the hair and makeup last weekend!