Packing anxiety

by theresaobarry

Why are Mondays so difficult to get through? I wake up wishing it was Sunday all over again. On those bad Mondays I have to just get up and do a bunch of stuff to keep me from thinking about all the things I don’t want to do!

We’re going to St Louis this coming weekend for a party to celebrate the marriage of Conor’s brother. I look forward to spend some fun time with family and friends! But there is just one thing I have to do before the fun begins… The dreaded packing!! I hate packing and I’m terrible at it. I usually bring a huge bag with all of my things in it, but this time I have a pack light. I’m staying a day longer than Conor to get my knee checked out, so I’m gonna have to carry my bag all by myself! And if my knee gets worse I don’t want to have to struggle too much on my way home.
I did what I always do when I need to take my mind off stressful things (like packing); paint my nails! I removed the incredibly gorgeous OPI polish named You’re such a Budapest and applied Essie’s Dive Bar. I wanted to change things up a bit and went for that amazing dark turquoise shade. I know I’m supposed to wear red and coral shades, but my skin hasn’t caught up with the warmer weather and is therefore still freakishly pale.