Wish list!

by theresaobarry

I read a bunch of nail blogs (and other interesting blogs too of course!) and there are a whole bunch of polishes I would love to own. Most of then are from Chanel, they just have such amazing colors and are always on trend. And when they come out with limited edition ones, I just know I have to be fast and get them. Realizing I want them two years after, is usually very expensive (I almost spent 50$ on Peridot before they re-launched it)!!

Ok, so these are the shades I’m dreaming about at night at the moment:

Chanel: Bel-Argus, Azuré, May, Distraction, Taboo, Black Pearl, Quartz

Dior: Diablotine, Spring Ball, Princess, Bird of Paradise Duos (Bahia one looks more interesting than the Samba one)

Essie: Neon collection

Right now, the Dior Bird of Paradise duo Bahia and the Chanel Azuré looks so incredibly amazing that all the others are in second place. They will be mine, I assure you!!


Posting a picture of a foggy Chicago!