Beer after spinning?

by theresaobarry

Ok, so that very short summer we had here is now over. Back to wearing coats and jeans.. It’s May though, so I’m hoping we get to use the AC very soon again! I enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted, even if it was very sweaty at the gym yesterday. I went to spinning class, almost died, got home and then went to a bar to meet up with Conor. I’m always really hungry after I work out, so drinking beer right after was kind of weird. I got almost drunk after just two beers.. I feel fine today, though.

My nails started peeling this morning. And when that happens I pick on them and then I have to remove it all and paint them again. I decided to try something different this time. Since it’s not quite beach season yet, I can wait a little with the beautiful corals. So, I went with a baby blue polish I bought when I first moved to Chicago almost two years ago. It’s called 907 and it’s from Inglot. I love it, it’s such a sophisticated color and super easy to work with. And I decided to let my glossy top coats rest and used my matte one from Lancome. It actually looks really cool!

I’m also gonna show you which top coat and base coat I used. I switch it up pretty often with the base coats since I’m not in love with any of them yet.. Any recommendations?



And the last picture is of the beers me, Conor and our friend Kevin had. He lives in our neighborhood now! I love having friends nearby, spontaneous beer nights are the best!