Running with gorgeous nails!

by theresaobarry

I am so proud of myself today! I woke up feeling kind of angry. All I wanted to do was to lay down on the floor eating chocolate and listen to podcasts. But if I’d done that I would be a very not charming monster when Conor comes home. So, I decided to go to the gym instead. I usually go to Tabata class with a friend on Mondays, but the class is at 5 and I knew I would’ve given up on this day by then.. So I strolled over to the Equinox location closer to our house and spent almost two hours on the treadmill! I am tired, but feel great right now!

The reason why I woke up in a bad mood is that I spent some nice time with my step mom this weekend. She was here for two days only. I’m always sad when my family leaves, I feel so empty! So the weird mood in the morning is just because I miss Sweden and my family. But they will be back in July, so it’s ok!

Oh, so. What nail polish did I wear this weekend? The very lovely In the Cab-Ana by Essie!! SO pretty, it’s gorgeous!! I love blue nail polish and especially this one! Everyone I met this weekend complimented me on my nails, which is always nice!