Orange, green, wedding and Seaside!

by theresaobarry

Finally a new post! I’ve been away from Chicago for a few days and it was lovely. We spent the weekend in Seaside Florida for my brother-in-laws wedding. The wedding was beyond beautiful and a lot of fun! Seaside is gorgeous, I really want to go back soon for more mimosas at the beach. I just loved it there, I also love spending time with family and friends in the sun.

Now we’re back in rainy Chicago.. I hope summer get’s here very soon, I feel like summer is over already after we got back from Florida. When we left to go to the airport there was a storm in Chicago, all over the mid west actually. So it took us ALL day (got up at 3.30 on Thursday) to get there, we didn’t land until 9 pm. The flight was horrible and scary, we could see the lightning flashes all around us. The vodka was on the house (Southwest) so it was all okay. The flight home was really scary too!! We weren’t allowed to land so we had to take off again and then circle up in the air for 20 min.. I was so scared!!

I’m just gonna go ahead and post some pictures! I wore Essie’s First Timer the weekend of the wedding and changed in to American Apparel’s Neon Orange when we got home. I’m also gonna post a picture of my awesome hairdo that a lovely girl did for me in Seaside!