Brown nails, happy spirit!

by theresaobarry

I am so happy my husband is home again after being away all weekend for his brothers bachelor party. They where a bunch of boys drinking and playing poker by a lake house, that’s all I know. I’m just happy he came home safe and sound this Sunday.

I enjoyed a bottomless mimosa brunch with a friend on Sunday and Conor was already at home when I got home. Happy days! Glorious reunion!

I went to the gym again yesterday, it was awesome!! I managed to finish a class (my first class), it was a Tabata class which is really hard!! It’s a mix of cardio and strength and involves all the muscle groups in the body. I can feel it in my body today, but not too bad. Before I went to the gym I painted my nails. I always try to change it up and not use the same color over and over again, so I decided to chose a color I’ve never used before. I do have a few that I either haven’t used in a while or never used at all. And I found this medium brown Essie polish called Glamour Purse and decided it’s a good neutral to use in between all the brights I’ve been wearing recently.

The formula is wonderful, it went on soooooooo smooth and it went on opaque in one coat (I used two just out of habit). I love these super creamy, easy polishes for when I don’t have much time to paint my nails. I did mine an hour before I went to the gym!


Last pic is on my way down the stairs in my building. I still use the same key chain that my little sister Jenni made for me 10 or more years ago. I’ve washed it plenty of times by the way.