Turquoise & Caicos!

by theresaobarry


I joined a gym and I’ve been going there pretty frequently since I joined. When you join you get a free PT session and I did mine two days ago. She was wonderful and awesome and helped me get to know my body. After working out with her, I was sore after two hours and that pain has stuck with me for two days now. I am so out of shape that working out for an hour makes me stiff as a fridge and I walk as if I pooped my pants. It’s really embarrassing..

My nails are happier than my butt is, that’s for sure!! I am wearing Essies Turquoise & Caicos plus Seche Vite base coat and top coat. I just started using the Seche ones, and I like them a lot. The base coat is really annoying though, you can see it on my nails under the polish. Those white edges.. not at all sexy. The top coat is really glossy and last for a long time. There are some downsides with it though; it smells, it shrinks (if I don’t apply it right after the polish is touch dry) and it’s not as good as my favorite by Nails Inc. I’ve heard it dries up quickly, so I’ll use it until then and go back to Nails Inc.

I’m gonna Skype with my bestie from Sweden soon and then go to the gym for some light cardio. Hopefully the running will relieve the pain in my legs!ImageImageImage