by theresaobarry

We spent the weekend in St Louis and we had a great time! We did miss St Patrick’s day though, my husband was bummed. Where I’m from we don’t really celebrate it, so I didn’t care. During this past week I have been so sick of winter and it just keeps snowing!! But that doesn’t mean I have to wear dark colors on my nails, right?

So, I tried to find a color to match everything I would wear in St Louis in case I wouldn’t have enough time to paint my nails there. I had Essie’s Fear or Desire on and it’s awesome! It’s bright and stayed on all week! I did paint my nails again when we got back since I’ve wanted to wear Chanel Mimosa for a while now..


Nail swatch on the plane (I always listen to podcasts when I fly, or else someone will start a conversation with me..)