First day of spring!

by theresaobarry

It’s the first day of spring today apparently.. But it really doesn’t feel like spring when the temperature is 18F (-8 C) outside. To celebrate “spring” I painted my nails in the only polish I like from Essie’s spring 2013 collection, Avenue Maintain. The other ones aren’t as bright as I would’ve liked them to be. Hoping for better colors in the summer collection.

Another thing I’ve accomplished today is to work out and book an appointment with a personal trainer for tomorrow! I’m so excited!! I’m such a beginner and I’m so afraid to do something I don’t know how to do, too afraid to get injured. I joined the gym (Equinox) yesterday and they have been great so far. It’s a very pretty fitness center, they even have eucalyptus scented towels and Kiehl’s products in the showers. I can’t wait to get in shape!!