Storm day

by theresaobarry

It’s march and we have a blizzard visiting us in Chicago. I am reading blogs and facebook statuses where people are bragging about the nice spring weather they have in Sweden or Prague (the two other places I’ve lived in) and I look out the window.. All I can see is snow falling down in a way that the air looks like yogurt.

I am not leaving the house unless I have to.. I mean, all the kids in the city have a snow day today so I’m doing the same. I am very sore from last nights workout anyway, so it’s okay to stay in and rest.

I do have one thing I need to do today. I have to find something to wear for my brother-in-law’s wedding that’s coming up. Web searching today, in-store searching another day..

I’ll be reading this magazine today. I subscribe to it and it makes me SOO happy every time it arrives.. Sometimes it arrives TWO months late, like this one.. But it seems very fitting to read about snow clothes on a day like this!