Play date!

by theresaobarry

Mondays.. I don’t know what to think of them really. Mondays are those days right after the weekend and when the weekend has been fun, that first day of the week feels empty. My husband (whom I’ve spent the whole weekend with) is back at work and I am starting a new week with self-invented activities!

I do have stuff to do today though! I had class this morning and soon I’m heading out for the first workout of the week! I’m going with a friend and I expect to be more than exhausted when I’m done. Hopefully she is strong enough to carry me home after, if necessary.

So, it’s time to introduce the nails! I’m wearing a beautiful and fun Essie polish called Play date. It’s a very pretty, bright purple that I will be staring at all day! The formula is great and it’s opaque after two coats. Add Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat and you’ll have it for daaaays without chipping.