Nailpolish, colors, things and thoughts from a Swede in Chicago

New blog!

We have now moved to Dubai and therefore I have a new blog address. It’s the same as this old one, except it’s not Chicago anymore.. It’s Dubai! So the new blog is:

I will be writing about our new adventures and life in this new, far away place. I will also, of course write a little about my nail polish obsession!



What to do when being home sick!

It’s summer and I am in a rainy Chicago. I was supposed to help a friend today by baby sitting her daughter, but since parts of Chicago was flooded during the morning hours we cancelled. Luckily we live on the fifth floor in a 9 floor building, so we are fine!
Today’s alarm clock was the emergency system on the phone, by the way.. Stupid flooding woke us up way too early!

This week I missed my family and home country more than usual. It was midsommar (one of the biggest holidays in Sweden) last week and my Facebook and Instagram feed was full of pictures of idyllic Swedish summer nights. I don’t miss home that often, but during the two good months of the year when Sweden is amazing, I really do! I hope that, in the future, I can spend the whole month of July on the west coast of Sweden.

Another reason why this week has been especially rough was that my cousin had a daughter! They haven’t decided on a name yet, but she is beautiful! I’m not ready to have a baby of my own yet, but one day (when all of my cousins and sisters and brothers have kids) we will!

To distract myself from feeling homesick and sad, I’ve been watching old movies that Conor grew up with. I had not seen any of them, because I was watching Pippi and Emil where I grew up! So, I’ve now seen Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Adventures in Babysitting and The Great Outdoors for the first time. A funny coincidence is that they are all filmed in or near Chicago! I love to watch funny and innocent movies when I’m sad, stressed or anxious. I remember my first week of high school; I went home everyday after school and watched a Disney movie. I also like superhero movies, they always put me in a good mood. We saw Man of Steel last week, and it was much better than I expected. I wish we had a man (as hunky and strong) like Clark Kent in our neighborhood so he could help us out if disaster strikes! Can he prevent flooding?

Anyways, I also painted my nails while missing my family. I went for some good old ones! I love Essie’s metallics from last year, they are frosty and foily and goes on so smooth. Penny talk is my favorite out of all of them, mostly because it matches so well with other colors. I’ve matched it with Mint Candy apple from Essie and Cajun Shrimp by OPI before. I actually loved Cajun Shrimp so much after I borrowed it from my mother-in-law that I went out to get my own bottle. On my nails right now is penny talk and Cajun shrimp together!

Oh, another thing that everyone but me care about right now in Chicago is that the Stanley cup now belongs to the Black Hawks again! Yay!
Pictures are of my cousins beautiful baby girl and of my nails!




I haven’t blogged in a while, but it’s because it’s summer and we do fun things! Like babysitting and cleaning.. One of my good friends from my years in Prague was here for a week. I hadn’t seen her in four years, so we had A LOT to catch up on! She couldn’t make it to our wedding so she gave me a gift when she was here, a ghd hair straightener. AMAZING!! I used to have one, but it’s gone.. The awesome thing about the ghd is you can travel with it and it will adjust to the voltage!
Other than straightening our hair, we also walked all around Chicago and had a great time!

I have painted my nails a bunch too, of course! The new Essie collection is now out, but I’m not a big fan. It’s not very unique.. I did get the Sunday Funday one, its really a pretty coral with silver shimmer in it.

I also got one of the Essie neons, bottle service. It’s a bright neon that dries to a matte finish. I put some Seche Vite topcoat on it for shine.



Relaxing weekend!

I’ve been so lazy this weekend! Sometimes that’s nice, though.. Reloading the batteries and gather energy for the coming week. It will be a week of cleaning!! I’m gonna organize all my clothes and stow away all the winter stuff I hopefully won’t need for months! Spring cleaning is well needed in our home.. I don’t mind cleaning when I have something fun playing in my headphones.

I painted my nails yesterday. I brought out a bunch of colors that I haven’t worn in a while! I used Seche Vite base and top coat, Illamasqua, L’oreal, Ulta, Essie, Barry M, SpaRituals, OPI and a very lovely green one from Sephora + Pantone Universe!

After the nails where dry and ready me and Conor went out for a walk. We live close to a big park where a big fountain is. I took a posy pic of Conor in front of it!





Memorial weekend

I haven’t blogged in a while, so now I kind of don’t know what to write about!

It’s memorial weekend now.. If it wasn’t so cold here we would’ve been outside to BBQ or read or whatever. But instead we are inside, reading and watching movies. Just saw Oz the great and powerful, it was ok. Kind of wish I’d seen it in 3D instead though..

We where in St Louis last weekend and I got back on Monday. As always, we had a great time with the family! We celebrated my husbands brothers wedding (which was in Florida a month ago) with around 130 people. It’s hard to talk to everyone when it’s that many people! I’m just happy to not be the bride this year, too much pressure! Haha!
Katharine was wearing her beautiful wedding dress and looked stunning!
We had our hair and makeup done that day, I love being pampered!
I’ve painted my nails three times since I last blogged!!! I’ve worn Essie’s Lovie Dovie, OPI’s Cajun Shrimp and now I’m wearing Essie’s First Timer. I’ve worn and written about all of them before, so it’s nothing exciting. I’ll be doing some fun nail stuff this week!

So sorry for such a sloppy blog post, more stuff will be posted this week 🙂

Ok, so the photos are: Red polish is Cajun Shrimp, one pic is of me and Conor in Florida and the last one is of the hair and makeup last weekend!




Packing anxiety

Why are Mondays so difficult to get through? I wake up wishing it was Sunday all over again. On those bad Mondays I have to just get up and do a bunch of stuff to keep me from thinking about all the things I don’t want to do!

We’re going to St Louis this coming weekend for a party to celebrate the marriage of Conor’s brother. I look forward to spend some fun time with family and friends! But there is just one thing I have to do before the fun begins… The dreaded packing!! I hate packing and I’m terrible at it. I usually bring a huge bag with all of my things in it, but this time I have a pack light. I’m staying a day longer than Conor to get my knee checked out, so I’m gonna have to carry my bag all by myself! And if my knee gets worse I don’t want to have to struggle too much on my way home.
I did what I always do when I need to take my mind off stressful things (like packing); paint my nails! I removed the incredibly gorgeous OPI polish named You’re such a Budapest and applied Essie’s Dive Bar. I wanted to change things up a bit and went for that amazing dark turquoise shade. I know I’m supposed to wear red and coral shades, but my skin hasn’t caught up with the warmer weather and is therefore still freakishly pale.




Wish list!

I read a bunch of nail blogs (and other interesting blogs too of course!) and there are a whole bunch of polishes I would love to own. Most of then are from Chanel, they just have such amazing colors and are always on trend. And when they come out with limited edition ones, I just know I have to be fast and get them. Realizing I want them two years after, is usually very expensive (I almost spent 50$ on Peridot before they re-launched it)!!

Ok, so these are the shades I’m dreaming about at night at the moment:

Chanel: Bel-Argus, Azuré, May, Distraction, Taboo, Black Pearl, Quartz

Dior: Diablotine, Spring Ball, Princess, Bird of Paradise Duos (Bahia one looks more interesting than the Samba one)

Essie: Neon collection

Right now, the Dior Bird of Paradise duo Bahia and the Chanel Azuré looks so incredibly amazing that all the others are in second place. They will be mine, I assure you!!


Posting a picture of a foggy Chicago!